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A valuable food moment at home & out and about

Hygiene, efficiency, convenience, communication and experience

We produce many thousands of portion packs every day. This has everything to do with our sincere belief in its added value: hygiene, efficiency, convenience, communication and experience. Hygiene, because the sealed packaging is made for single and individual servings. Efficiency, because you save time and reduce product waste due to spillage or spoilage. Convenience due to the perfect serving size, the readiness for use and the many possibilities for variation without loss; By communication we mean what you achieve with customised printed portion packs: unforgettable moments of interaction. And experience is the positive feeling that is generated when all these elements are combined: a memorable experience.

Productie | Van Oordt

Valuable food moments

We love portions! Based on that drive, we are constantly looking for new products, packaging and applications. But in our own way, with a healthy dose of entrepreneurship. Our ambition? To make all food occasions at home and out and about even more valuable with well-designed, ready-to-use portion packaging. To ensure our customers' customers enjoy their food and drinks even more, wherever and whenever.

Ambitie | Van Oordt The Portion Company