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Honey Spoon: the unique teaspoon

10 December 2021

Looking for innovations to treat and amaze your guests? From now on, serve your tea with a Honey Spoon. 100% Flower honey in a handy plastic spoon.

Honey Spoon: the unique teaspoon

What is the Honey Spoon?

The Honey Spoon is a small innovation to provide tea drinkers with convenience. This Honey Spoon is a spoon and dispensing cup in one. The spoon contains 100% flower honey. Covered with an easy-to-remove foil. And you will no longer need to serve teaspoons.

What are the advantages of the Honey Spoon?

The Honey Spoon is handy, hygienic and unique. Honey tends to drip and stick quickly. With the Honey Spoon, the mess is a thing of the past! Plus it's a real surprise for your guests.

Why choose honey in tea?

Honey in tea is tasty and still very popular. An increasing number of people are opting for honey instead of refined sugars. Honey contains more healthy substances, less is needed and is easier to digest. But honey is not just an alternative sweetener, it also adds taste. It gives a cup of tea a refined taste twist.

Where is the Honey Spoon available?

The Honey Spoon is available at a large number of wholesalers. The spoons are sold in a luxury dispenser with 125 spoons or in a silo with 20 spoons. You can request a free sample pack!