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Tips: the perfect frothy milk with honey

07 December 2021

Give your cup of coffee, cappuccino or Latte Macchiato an adventurous twist! With the help of baristas, Van Oordt has created the tastiest coffee specials with honey.

Tips: the perfect frothy milk with honey

Are you brave enough to give up your everyday coffee? And give an adventurous twist to a Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato, especially for those daily magical moments? By enriching frothy milk with honey, you will have a totally new experience.

Van Oordt presents a new innovation for the coffee menu. With the help of baristas, Van Oordt has created the tastiest coffee specials with honey. Very tempting for adventurous coffee drinkers. And a perfect way to surprise your guests in an original way.

Tip 1: Use a cold and professional milk jug

For a 'next level' Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato, we recommend using a professional milk jug. With the golden Melvita milk jug, you will always know which jug contains the frothy milk with the honey. The jug must always be clean and cold.

Tip 2: Always use cold whole milk

For the ideal honey frothy milk, you should always use cold whole milk. Whole milk provides a thicker microfoam layer than semi-skimmed milk, for example. Before you add the milk to the milk frothing jug, you must first add honey to taste. Once you have done this you can add the milk to fill up the jug halfway.

Tip 3: Heat it up!

Now we're going to heat the honey and milk! You do this by holding the steam pipe about half a centimetre above the milk. Now open the steam wand completely. Watch what you're doing and keep an eye on the temperature at all times.

Tip 4: Avoid nasty surprises

If the milk frothing jug becomes too hot to hold, the frothy milk with honey is at the right temperature. Don't forget to clean the steam nozzle immediately to avoid nasty surprises in your next frothy milk. Are there still bubbles in the mixture? Firmly tap the milk frothing jug on the counter or table once.

Tip 5: Turn your coffee into a work of art

Twist the milk frothing jug firmly in one spot on the table or bar so that the entire contents create a whirlpool. Pour the froth onto the crema layer of the espresso. Drop the pitcher gently on the cup. The milk will now froth and you can make a lovely latte art.

Melvita honey from Van Oordt is an exciting alternative to a traditional solution. Our honey is a healthy and good alternative to refined sugars and other coffee syrups. The taste and structure of Melvita honey go beautifully with coffee. With the above tips you can easily make a perfect foam layer with honey.