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The entire production process of Van Oordt The Portion Company meets the highest standards. From product development and purchasing to production, logistics and quality assurance.

Quality at Van Oordt

Van Oordt The Portion Company closely monitors everything that may affect quality: from risk analysis to management of processes and products, including personnel and training. External companies perform regular audits, as do our own internal auditors and analysts.


Quality; the law demands it. It must be monitored from a food safety point of view. Customers often have their own specific requirements and we are also committed to the highest level. It makes sense for us to manage our quality with a system certified for IFS. We have IFS higher level accreditation.

Certificate Oud-Beijerland

Certificate Landgraaf

UTZ Quality Mark 

UTZ is a quality mark for fair and sustainable trade. The quality mark is on coffee, tea, cacao (chocolate) and hazelnuts that come from farmers who care about people and the environment. For example, they use fewer pesticides and guarantee good working conditions for their workers.


Fairtrade Netherlands 

And the same applies to Fairtrade products with the Fairtrade Netherlands quality mark.


Organic quality mark

In addition, we have the Skal certificate, so we can carry the European organic quality mark on the organic products we package.

Certificate Oud-Beijerland

Certificate Landgraaf


We can trace all over 20,000 references, i.e. raw materials, packaging materials and end products, at every stage of the production process. From purchase to delivery. Thanks to a fully integrated scanning system, for example.

RI & E

We also keep a close eye on every aspect relevant to quality. Risk analysis. Product and process control. Staff and training. Certification bodies and external auditors perform audits, as do our own auditors, hygiene controllers and product analysts.