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Chocolates packaged in portion packs

In addition to biscuits and snacks, Van Oordt offers you a wide range of packaged chocolates from our own Elite brand. We sell different types of packaged chocolates in the flavours milk, dark and white. All of Belgian top quality! Elite chocolates are the ideal delicacy to treat your guests or visitors. Delicious with a cup of coffee or tea, but also as a snack.

Advantages of individually wrapped mini chocolates

  • A delicious snack for your customers and guests;
  • Hygienically packaged and ready to consume;
  • Reduces product waste.
  • Individually packaged chocolate with your own logo or design

    Individually wrapped chocolates are a perfect means of communication! At Van Oordt you can have packaging printed with your own logo or design. Small delicacies with a large promotional reach, which are usually well received by customers and business relations! You can choose from different shapes of chocolates. You can make the chocolates unique by custom printing your logo or other design. We would love to look at a suitable design with you. Please contact our Customer Service at