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About Us

Our world revolves around a small product that everyone comes across each day. Small, but with great added value in terms of experience, hygiene, efficiency, convenience and communication: the portion pack.

The Portion Company

Our history goes back to the year 1734. This has endowed us with an enormous amount of experience when it comes to producing and marketing portion packs. Our own printing facilities, an arsenal of packaging machines and a good dose of healthy entrepreneurship have made this possible. We are very proud of our particular specialism. That's why we call ourselves The Portion Company.

Over Van Oordt The Portion Company


Driven by the added value of our products in the field of hygiene, reduced product waste, convenience, time saving and power of communication, Van Oordt has been producing and marketing food portion packaging for national and international customers in the food service, food retail and food industry since 1734.

Missie kantoor Van Oordt


We are THE PORTION COMPANY! Based on this drive, we are continuously looking for the best packaging, products, concepts and applications. Preferably sustainable and innovative, in accordance with the highest achievable quality standards. We do this to make small moments of enjoyment even more valuable, wherever and whenever.

As a subsidiary of PortionPack Europe, in turn part of the German Südzucker, we have grown into one of the largest producers of portion packs in Europe. With a strong distribution network, both nationally and internationally, we can serve many markets. With a uniquely broad portfolio under its own label or brands of third parties. And we can help you from A to Z when it comes to Private Label. You can rely on our quality accreditation at the highest level. The manufacturing industry, food service or food retail, everyone can come to us for sound advice about portion packaging.