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PortionPack Europe

Portionpack Group

Van Oordt has two branches in the Netherlands. One in Landgraaf and one in Oud-Beijerland. The latter municipality is also the statutory home of the Portionpack Group. This is a partnership between portion packing specialists, operating under the wings of European sugar market leader Südzucker.

Within this holding company, Van Oordt is in the company of Hellma Germany, Hellma Czech Republic, Hellma Austria, Portion Solutions, PortionPack Iberia (SAES), CdlC (creme de la cream) and COSO. Seven companies from eight countries. And the advantages of joining forces like this? Specialisms that complement each other. Know-how that comes together. Greater efficiency and significant economies of scale.

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Südzucker is the sugar specialist.
Mannheim-based Südzucker AG is the parent company of the Südzucker group and also the group's largest operating company.
It comprises the five segments sugar specialities, CropEnergies, starch and fruit.
They process agricultural raw materials into high-quality products, in particular into food products for industrial customers and end users, as well as animal feed and other products for the food and non-food industry. In this process, raw materials are largely fully utilised and refined.
The Südzucker Group also includes companies such as Beneo, Agrana, Freiberger and Tiense.

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