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Sugar & Sweetener

Gluten free
Private Label

Sugar sticks or sugar sachets

Practical and hygienic! Both the sugar sticks and sugar sachets from Van Oordt will help you enhance the image of your company. We can print your sugar sticks and sachets. We have several variants available, such asa long stick or round sugar sachet. Or you can opt for sugar cubes with your logo. We can do it all.

Buy Van Oordt sugar sachets

At Van Oordt you will find a variety of sugar sachets. For example, choose our Lucky Sugar sugar sachets or our Icing sugar sachets. You can buy sugar sachets from our range from (cash-and-carry) wholesalers and through online ordering platforms! If you would like to order sugar sachets from our range, they are available from your regular wholesaler. If the item is not available to order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customised sweetener label

At Van Oordt you don't just have a choice of Canderel sweetener sticks or Canderel Stevia sticks, we can also provide your sweetener packaging with customised printing. Whether you opt for sweetener in stick or sweetener in sachet, with your own printed packaging you simultaneously advertise your company!