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Fruit Purées

Gluten free

Packaged One2Fruit fruit purées

Packaged One2Fruit fruit purées in cups can be served with meals. And they are also ideal to eat as a snack. Delicious, responsible indulgence at any time of the day! The fruit compotes come in different flavours. Not only for enthusiasts, but also for those with an inadequate diet, diabetes patients or people who have problems swallowing. The One2Fruit fruit purées are packed individually. This increases hygiene, reduces product waste, provides convenience and time saving!

One2Fruit apple sauce in cups

At Van Oordt you will find One2Fruit apple sauce in cups. You can serve this as a meal component. In addition, the One2Fruit apple sauce cups are also used as a snack. You can choose apple sauce with or sugar-free apple sauce. The cups contain 100 grams of apple sauce and are available in practical boxes with 3 x 16 cups, 48 cups or boxes with 120 cups.

Plum sauce cups for (health)care providers

The range also includes the One2Fruit plum purée in cups. Ideal for hospitals and care facilities. This allows you to provide your patients with their daily portion of fibre. Just like the other One2Fruit Fruit purées, one cup contains 100 grams of plum purée. In addition, these cups are also available in large quantities.

Request free One2Fruit fruit puréessamples

Would you like to know more about One2Fruit fruit purées in cups? Request a free sample on our website. To do this, go to the desired product and fill in the application form. If you are looking for more information, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you!