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From 1734 to present

Since 1734

Hendrik van Oordt (1710-1805) was the founder of Van Oordt and a descendant of wealthy Middelburg merchants. His company processed cane sugar that was imported by the VOC. The first application for a sugar refinery on the Wijnstraat in Rotterdam dates from 1734. Followed by a second at the Boompjes in the former brewery, Het Witte Hart. You can still see this symbol in the logo.

Van Oordt sinds 1734

Sugar portion packs

By 1835, Van Oordt had five sugar refineries. In 1927, Hendrik Willem Adriaan started automated packaging of sugar in sachets. And sugar portion packs were born; a first in the Netherlands. It didn’t take long for the sugar sachet to become indispensable. Not only because it was handy and economical, but also because added something essential to the presentation of a cup of tea or coffee. Especially if you print it with a brand or logo.

Geschiedenis suiker in porties

For Hospitality, Cure & Care and Catering

Over the years, the company has continued to specialise in portion packaging. Think of spreads, sauces and spices. In 1993, Van Oordt introduced the sugar stick. A paper saving of 45% compared to the sugar sachet. The product conquered the market at a rapid pace. Today, Van Oordt sells around 7.5 billion portion packs a year to a wide range of customers. From hospitality, caterers, hospitals and coffee roasters to airlines and cruise ships.

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