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The entire production process of Van Oordt The Portion Company meets the highest standards. From product development and purchasing to production, logistics and quality assurance.

We at Van Oordt The Portion Company work hard day after day to create products that satisfy the customer. While food safety is an absolute must, we invariably endeavour to prevent mistakes and continually improve ourselves. Our guiding principle is a (food) safe culture with commitment to a pleasant and safe working environment, where people enjoy a healthy dose of job satisfaction.

Kwaliteit Van Oordt

IFS certification

We achieved this by applying a quality system that is IFS-certified itself (International Food Standard - Higher Level), in which HACCP risk analyses are carried out accurately, while control measures are implemented in our processes that enable us to pack products with the appropriate quality. Other important aspects of our quality system include specification management, education & training, cleaning, and continuous monitoring of the hygienic and technical condition of the production environment.  

Oud-Beijerland certificate

Landgraaf certificate


RI&E, SMETA & ISO28000

A risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) was carried out, as part of which a plan of action is continuously applied and updated to create and maintain a safe working environment for humankind and the environment alike. Our production plant in Oud-Beijerland is also SMETA (4-pillar) certified, while the Landgraaf site is ISO28000 certified. 

Veiligheid Van Oordt

Thanks to our fully integrated scanning system, the entire range of over 10,000 references (raw materials, packaging materials and finished products) can be traced throughout each stage of the production process (from receipt to dispatch to the customer). The quality of processes and products is closely monitored by means of external audits conducted by certifying bodies, line checks, internal audits, hygiene checks and internal/external product and process analyses.

Audit Van Oordt

Quality labels

In order to be able to offer a complete range of products, certain product references have to bear a particular quality label: 

Keurmerken Van Oordt

Maintenance department

In addition to the quality department, we also have our own qualified maintenance department. This department bears responsibility for all technical operations throughout the organisation, such as resolving malfunctions, installing new or overhauling our own printing presses and packaging machinery. The technical experts involved also focus on improvement and innovation. This is due to the fact that we endeavour to ensure our machinery offers cutting edge technology, and can therefore also be fully adapted to meet customer-specific requirements.

Technische dienst Van Oordt