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Van Oordt Hygiene wipes for hands

At times when hygiene is paramount, the range of Van Oordt hygienic wipes is just the thing. We have a wide range of hygiene wipes for your hands. This makes it easier to prevent the spread of bacteria. Ideal for communal areas and for on the go! Our cleaning wipes aren't just suitable for your hands, you can also use them on surfaces such as your desk, keyboard, computer, or to disinfect your mouse and door handles.

Refreshment wipes individually packed

Van Oordt refreshment wipes are individually packed and are perfect for keeping your hands clean. You can choose from the regular BeFresh refreshment wipes and the BeFresh seafood refreshment wipes. The BeFresh seafood refreshment wipes are ideal for mussel and fish dishes in the catering industry. They allow you to provide your guests with extra hygiene after their meal.

Our range also includes the Wet-Nap Deluxe refreshment wipes. These luxurious, individually wrapped wipes are characterised by their premium quality. The soft wipes contain no alcohol and feel soft on the skin. You can choose from Wet-Nap 1 Deluxe and Wet-Nap 2 Deluxe.

Cleaning and refreshment wipes printed with logo

Van Oordt can supply the cleaning and refreshment wipes with your company name, logo or design. Practical, hygienic and a perfect means of communication at the same time. Place the wipes in a meeting room or include them with your takeaway meals.

Buy Van Oordt alcohol wipes

Are you planning to buy a large quantity of Van Oordt alcohol wipes? You can order our wipes from wholesalers, cash-and-carry wholesalers and online payment platforms. If these products are not available from your wholesaler, please contact us.