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Sauces & Spices

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Van Oordt sauces in small packs

At Van Oordt you will find a unique and wide range of sauces in small packs. You will find the popular Zaanse sauces in sticks, and our Van Oordt sauces in single-serve portions. Our own brand includes the sauces Sambal Oelek, Ketjap Manis and Sweet Chili Sauce. These are packed in handy sticks or sachets that are easy to serve.

Zaanse mayonnaise in sticks

Zaanse mayonnaise is a big concept throughout the Netherlands and is considered to be the tastiest mayo by enthusiasts! This is partly due to the authentic recipe of the sauce. Van Oordt offers you Zaanse mayonnaise in sticks. A practical and hygienic product to give to your customers!

Portions of Zaanse sauces

In addition to the Zaanse mayonnaise, the Van Oordt sauce range consists of five other different Zaanse sauces. Vegananaise, fritessaus, curry ketchup, tomato ketchup and fine mustard. You will find all these unique Zaanse condiments in handy sticks to serve with snacks and takeaway meals.

Our Zaanse production line is available in handy dispenser boxes that are easy to place in a central location. For mayonnaise, veganaise, fritessaus, curry ketchup and tomato ketchup, one dispenser contains 200 sticks. The dispenser for Zaanse fine mustard contains a total of 500 sticks. With regard to Zaanse fritessaus, tomato ketchup and fine mustard, we also supply the sticks in transparent silos.

Portion packaging salt & pepper

Van Oordt offers you high-quality replacements for standard salt and pepper shakers: Van Oordt pepper and salt in sticks. These portion packs meet the new hygiene guidelines. In addition, the sticks provide more convenience and reduce product waste! The sticks are supplied in user-friendly dispenser boxes or practical silos.