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NEW Van Oordt fruit spreads in sticks

10 November 2023

Four flavours of fruit spreads in convenient sticks. To expand our current sandwich filling range, we are introducing fruit fillings in sticks.

NEW Van Oordt fruit spreads in sticks

Fruit Spread

Van Oordt's well-known fruit spreads, available in 15-gram sticks.
Delicious on a slice of bread or sandwich. Fruity spreads for breakfast or lunch. Packed in practical and hygienic sticks. Suitable for vegetarian and vegan food. Available in a box of 152. Also try the other products in the range. 


With the ban on moldable plastics, it is not possible to use plastic cups as packaging everywhere within foodservice.
This makes alternatives such as a stick, sachet or squeeze bottle a good alternative to still be able to serve a portion of spread.
Think, for example, of D'arbo jam in dispensing bottle with accompanying pump or, from now on, the fruit spreads in sticks.
Easy and hygienic to use and in a matching fruity design.