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New! Inproba sauces in portion packs

New in our range of sauces: Oriental seasonings in practical portion packs! With the arrival of Inproba sauces, Van Oordt The Portion Company adds another A-brand to its selection of sauces. Discover the delicious taste of fair Oriental packed in practical portions.

What is Inproba?

The name Inproba is derived from 'Indian Products Baarn', an independent parent company that was founded in 1956. The importer and exporter of Oriental products and seasonings! Inpropa is also known of their Ketjap Manis and soya sauces, chili sauces and sambal. Delicious with Oriental dishes! The goal of Inproba is to deliver quality for competitive prices. Something that is also a high priority at Van Oordt The Portion Company. That is why we are proud of this new collaboration

Inproba Ketjap Manis

Fair Ortiental

In addition to the tastiest and most affordable product, Inproba also wants to ensure the products are produced responsibly. They does this with the best raw materials, a heart for the environment and attention to people and the environment. Inproba stands for fair Oriental. Fair for all the consumers, the environment and the society. Not only for here, but also in countries where the raw materials for Inproba come from. Besides that, all sambals and chili sauces contribute to the Rainforest Alliance Certified quality mark!

Inproba zoete chilisaus

Inproba sauces in portion packs

From now there are three variants of Oriental seasonings available in practical portion packs. Ketjap Manis sticks, Sweet Chili sauce sachets and Sambal Oelek sachets. Perfect seasonings for oriental snacks and dishes. Handy to give out with takeaway meals! The complete Inproba production line is available in practical dispenser boxes.

Inproba Sambal Oelek