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Mini Packaging

Your full-service partner when it comes to mini packaging

The specialist in mini packaging

Van Oordt is the specialist when it comes to mini packaging for companies. Think of sandwich spreads or sugar sticks for coffee. Countless companies need mini packaging every day for their customers or visitors. Think of catering companies and (health)care institutions. Even football canteens benefit from our affordable, practical mini packs.

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Complete range of mini packs

We have a very wide and comprehensive range. If you like to offer your customers a cup of coffee, for example, we have everything you need. We offer you a comprehensive range of mini packaging. Our range includes:

  • Mini packs containing everything you need for coffee and tea;
  • Mini packs of instant drinks;
  • Mini packs of biscuits and chocolate;
  • Mini packs of spreads;
  • Mini packs of applesauce and fruit purees;
  • Mini packs of various sauces and spices;
  • Mini packs with maximum benefits.
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Mini packs with maximum benefits

Small packs have many advantages. As a company with many years of experience, we have experienced this countless times - in various industries. Want to know what the benefits are? These portion packs are:

  • Hygienic;
  • Efficiency;
  • Convenience;
  • An excellent means of communication.
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Why choose Van Oordt The Portion Company?

Some companies choose to manage the portion packaging themselves. But this entails unnecessary effort, time and costs. It is not without reason that countless organisations have been outsourcing the production of mini packaging to Van Oordt for years. We are a full-service supplier with a large number of packaging machines and a professional distribution network. Our company was founded in 1734 by Hendrik van Oordt, so you can be assured of many years of experience.

Would you like more information about our services? Or would you like to try the convenience of mini packs without any obligation? Please contact us or request a free sample.

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