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Favourite packaged biscuits for hot drinks!

20 January 2022

What is the most favorite biscuit for a hot drink? That is a good question. We list a number of favorite individually wrapped biscuits for you!

Favourite packaged biscuits for hot drinks!

Whether we are talking about a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate ‘The Perfect Serve’ includes a delicious biscuit, but what is the most favourite biscuit for a hot drink? That is a good question. That is why we have listed a number of favourite individually wrapped biscuits for you!

Classical speculoos coffee biscuits

If you ask us this biscuit is a real classic! A biscuit made of speculoos spices. Perfect with a cup of coffee, cappuccino or tea! You will find it in the product range of our own brand Elite! The coffee biscuits are individually packed and therefore ideal to offer to your guests!

Café Noir: a delicious biscuit with the taste of coffee

An iconic biscuit to eat with your favourite cup of coffee! This crunchy biscuit has a thick glaze with an intense coffee taste, from which the name derives. Café Noir stands for black coffee. That means that these biscuits are made for real coffee lovers! The Elite Café Noir biscuit is the ideal gesture of hospitality for your guests! Hygienic individually packed in handy portion packs.

Daelmans stroopwafels: the best in the world!

The tastiest stroopwafels are Daelmans stroopwafels. Every day Daelmans makes large quantities of these crispy waffles with caramel syrup filling. It is possible you have already eaten a Daelmans stroopwafel, because these delicious cookies go all over the world! At Van Oordt The Portion Company you will find stroopwafels – in various sizes - in practical and hygienic portion packs. A real treat at any time of the day. We love to eat these stroopwafels with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Warm it up on your cup. Definitely worth giving it a try!

Handmade Van Strien biscuits

With traditionally prepared biscuits from Van Strien you offer your guests quality alongside a cup of coffee! Biscuits that are sustainably and naturally composed. The dough is prepared by hand, the ingredients are carefully checked and we work with freshly tapped eggs! At Van Oordt you will find individually wrapped Van Strien butter biscuits or Van Strien Bio/FT biscuits. Both highly recommended!

View our full range of biscuits for hot drinks!

Looking for individually wrapped biscuits that you can serve with coffee or tea? In that case Van Oordt The Portion Company is the right place! View our wide range of biscuits for hot drinks on our website! Do you want to try one of our products? Request free product samples directly from us. We are very curious about your experience with our products!