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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Van Oordt The Portion Company

We try to find a good balance between financially sound business operations, future-proofing, ecological quality and well-being. As a buyer, producer, distributor and employer, we try to contribute to sustainability from every angle. In a way that suits us: involved but no-nonsense. With clear set goals and a fair evaluation afterwards. Specifically, we take our responsibility in the following four areas:

Chain Integration, Raw Materials & Packaging 

In our role as purchaser, we believe it is important to build long-term relationships with our suppliers: thinking about and looking for the most sustainable solutions together.

Recyclable materials are used as much as possible for the purchase of our paper and cardboard. Currently, our cardboard purchase consists of 100% recycled material. We opt - where possible - for recyclable foil for the packaging material for our cookies.

We also sell a range of organic and Fairtrade products.

Energy, Water, Waste  & CO2 emissions

From our role as producer, care for the environment plays an important role. We monitor our energy consumption and formulate any points for improvement by means of an energy scan. For example, we are currently working on the transition to LED lighting to reduce energy consumption. Warm air released during production is also reused. We separate our waste and monitor the amount of residual waste. We aim to reduce the amount of residual waste. In our printing facility, we only use (water-based) inks without solvent.

Transport & Logistical optimisation

Logistics plays an important role in our role as distributor. We work with a local logistics service provider and in collaboration with this partner, we always actively manage aspects such as reducing fuel consumption, increasing the load factor and the number of stops during the journeys.

Personnel & Organisation 

As an employer, we want to contribute to raising awareness among our employees in the field of sustainability and give everyone their own responsibility. Because smaller initiatives within the company are also important to us. For example, our automation department collects the ink cartridges, the marketing department monitors the use of FSC paper for printing and the design department regenerates the solvents when developing flexo printing plates. In a broader sense, we want to create a pleasant workplace for our employees and support them in their personal development.