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4 facts about plums

11 July 2022

The plum season has started! That's why we share 4 facts about this delicious fruit. Read it here!

4 facts about plums

The plum season has started! From the month July until September, different types of plums are produced. Typical summer fruit! In any case, we love plums. If it is not the fruit, we like to eat it in a fruit puree. That's why we share 4 facts about this delicious fruit!

  1. Plums are drupes
  2. Did you know that? A plum is a drupe. By this we mean a piece of fruit with a hard inner layer (the stone) ! Here in Holland the plum is the most common drupe, along with cherry.

  3. Flavors
  4. There are many plum varieties. Each with its own taste. Monsieur Hâtif is known for its dry, slightly sweet taste. The Opal and Reine Victoria have a sweet and the Reine Victoria a sweet and sour taste. All three flavors are best tasted when the plums are well ripe. The newer variety, called 'La Zoet plum', tastes like the name describes it: sweet and juicy, with a slight acidity.

  5. Storage
  6. Plums are best stored at a temperature of 12 to 15 degrees. In these temperatures they can be sustained for up to 5 days. So don't keep them in the fridge! This fruit is sensitive to low temperatures.

  7. Multi-functional
  8. The plum is a multifunctional fruit. You can process these in all kinds of other foods. For example in yoghurt, cottage cheese or a pie! In addition, you can also make marmalade or purée from it, such as Van Oordt's One2Fruit plum purée. An ideal meal component for healthcare. This provides patients with their daily portion of fiber. Moreover, it is a delicious, responsible indulgence for everyone!