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5x delicious pancake toppings

28 February 2022

In the Netherlands and Belgium we love to vary with pancakes. That is why we would like to share five original pancake toppings with you!

5x delicious pancake toppings

In the Netherlands and Belgium we love pancakes, both sweet and savory. That is why it is a perfect dish to add to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover, you can endlessly vary with pancakes. We share five original pancake toppings:

  1. Pancake cottage cheese & honey
  2. A pancake topped with cottage cheese contains a lot of protein. Combining this with honey makes the pancake nice and sweet. We highly recommend this pancake! For example, choose Fairtrade Original honey in a hygienically packed cup. The honey is aromatic, fruity and slightly floral in taste and prepared, taking both human and animal into account!

  3. Pancake banana & peanutbutter
  4. This delicious combination is perfect for lunch, a banana pancake with peanut butter! Easy to prepare and easy to use with Van Oordt peanut butter in cups. You can also opt for Fairtrade Original peanut butter in cups!

  5. 3. Pancake caramel wafer
  6. A delicious pancake with pieces of Daelmans mini caramel wafers. A delicacy on every guest's plate! The warm pancake melts the caramel between the wafers. Decorate the pancake with whipped cream and pieces of wafers and you have a tasty pancake that you will enjoy serving. A pancake that has received much praise!

  7. Pizza pancake
  8. You can perfectly add a savory pancake to the lunch or dinner menu. In any case, we are very enthusiastic about it! In particular a pizza pancake. You can combine this with anything. Fish, meat or vegetarian! Of course, as the source, a pancake with tomato sauce and cheese.

  9. Pancake Nutella, banana & walnuts
  10. A delicious lunch or dessert: a pancake or crepe with Nutella, banana and walnuts. This delicacy is easily prepared and perfect to treat your guests. You can also decorate this pancake festively by serving it with powdered sugar!