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NEW Elite Natural: responsible biscuits

02 June 2023

New in the biscuit range: Elite Natural! Natural, organic, vega(n), fairtrade and sustainable. In short, responsible choices for treats alongside coffee or tea.

NEW Elite Natural: responsible biscuits

Why Elite Natural?

More and more guests expect more options in delicacies that respond to a responsible choice, without compromising on taste. We are always bringing a little extra! With the arrival of the Elite Natural biscuit range, we show that we are the specialist in portion packs. We continue to innovate to provide every guest with the tastiest little extra.

Elite Biscuits

The new biscuits will be added to the already existing Elite cow lines. These can be recognised by their colours and designs foil. Vary and combine for different moments:

  • Elite Selection: consisting of basic types of biscuits;
  • Elite Special: consisting of luxury biscuits, mostly with chocolate;
  • Elite Season: consisting of seasonal and thematic biscuits.

Elite Natural Organic Biscuit Mix

The first item added to this range is Elite Natural Organic Biscuit Mix. This range includes organic plain, chocolate and caramel biscuits. Individually packaged in sustainable, recyclable foil. The Elite Natural product category will be joined by other responsible biscuits in the near future.