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National Fruit and Vegetable Day

14 October 2022

The mission to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables within our country still remains in effect today. That is why Van Oordt is once again paying attention to National Fruit and Vegetable Day.

National Fruit and Vegetable Day

Since it used to be National Fruit and Vegetable Day on this date, we thought it was a great moment not to miss this today! The mission to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables within our country still remains in effect, if you ask us! That is why we are now putting our One2Fruit fruit purees in the spotlight.

You can easily vary with fruit. For example, by offering fruit purées in addition to hot meals! One2Fruit fruit purées makes it easier to get your daily portion of fruit. You can hand out the purées at any time of the day. A delicious and responsible treat! Not only for enthusiasts, but also for diabetic patients or people with swallowing problems.

Packed One2Fruit fruit purées

There are 4 flavors of One2Fruit fruit purées: apple, apple-banana, apple-apricot and plum. All full with useful vitamins and hygienically packed in practical cups. Easy to put on the table or add to a buffet! One2Fruit fruit purées are supplied in practical trays or outer cartons of various sizes.

Fruit purées for healthcare providers

As a healthcare provider, you can use fruit purées for breakfast or add to a meal. One2Fruit fruit purees are good for the physical wellbeing of patients. For example, plum purée is beneficial for bowel movements and residents or patients get their daily portion of fiber.

Receive free samples?

Curious about the One2Fruit range? Or do you want to try a specific flavor? Then you can request free samples. You can easily do this on our website! Find the request form on the page of the desired product in the Fruit Purées category. We are interested in your experience with One2Fruit fruit purées! Share this easily with us via the online contact form!