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Start of bee season: how do bees make honey?

15 April 2022

The spring has begun! The time when honey production can start again. How is honey made? Read it here!

Start of bee season: how do bees make honey?

The spring has begun! The season that beekeepers have been looking forward to see if the bee colonies have made it through the winter. During this period the bees need a lot of pollen for their younglings. After this, we have to wait for warmer temperatures so that the bees can produce honey again. How do they do this? We are happy to explain!

Step 1: collecting nectar

Honey bees start in the flower fields, where they extract the nectar out of flower calyxes and collect this in their honey-bag. With this nectar they return to the hive.

Step 2: converting sugar

When they are back in the hive, the worker bees grind the nectar. This process converts the multiple sugars in the nectar into simple sugars, fructose and glucose. This emanates from enzymes in bee saliva.

Step 3: nectar in honeycombs

When the nectar has slightly thickened, the bees inject it into the honeycombs of the hive. Because this mixture is still moist, the bees shake their wings to evaporate the nectar.

Step 4: from nectar to honey

After the moisture has been drawn from the nectar, thick syrupy honey is formed. Each honey-filled cell is covered with a wad of beeswax. This allows the bees to store their food supply until they need it in the winter. After this the honey is almost ready! Then a part of the honey will go to the factory and the other part of the honey will stay in the hive. With the quantity of the latter, the bees have to get through the winter. In the winter, the workers eat honey from this supply. This gives them energy to use the flight muscles on the wings to produce heat. In this way they keep it neatly around 10 degrees inside the winter truss.

Step 5: honey to the factory

In the honey factory, the honeycombs are passed through machines. Here the wax layer of the cells is abraded. After this the honey will be sieved to remove the last bits of beeswax.

Step 6: the honey is ready!

The honey is ready and can be packed in jars or portion packs!

Packaging honey at Van Oordt The Portion Company

In addition to our own honey sticks and cups, you can opt for our own label honey at Van Oordt. You can use our packaging with your own logo or design! It goes without saying that we can also pack your own honey in sticks or cups. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you and find a suitable solution together!