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These will be 4 key trends in foodservice 2023

30 January 2023

The corona pandemic has had quite an impact in the foodservice industry. What does it mean for the industry? You can read about that here!

These will be 4 key trends in foodservice 2023

The corona pandemic has had a significant impact in the foodservice industry. At the same time, other factors in the world are moving faster than expected. Think climate change, technology, new generations and ways of working.  What does this mean for the industry? For companies, for entrepreneurs. And ultimately for the guest? We provide four trends that have found their place in these noisy times:

#1: Small moments of happiness

Small moments of happiness will become increasingly important in 2023. From a luxurious cup of coffee with a cookie in the morning to a delicious piece of cake in the afternoon. It is expected that there will be a major change in the way we choose, where our choices will no longer be limited to just a starter, main and dessert. We will choose more comfort and extra indulgence that will make one feel good.

#2: Social Media Influences

In addition to Instagram being widely used, we are also seeing the trend of TikTok chefs on the rise. This year, Instagram foodies and TikTok chefs will mostly determine what is on our plates.

Moreover, for restaurant chains, social channels are more important than ever before. Partly because of this, chefs are paying even more attention to the presentation of their dishes this year. It is therefore expected that we will be presented with more and more daring food presentations, which we like to photograph before enjoying them.

#3: Budget-conscious

The market is struggling with price increases. This has a major impact on food and beverage consumption. By 2023, more conscious choices will be made when it comes to cheaper food. For example, people will pay close attention to delivery costs and value-for-money menus. Restaurants will start responding to these changing needs with price-efficient alternatives. In addition, meat or fish will no longer be on the menu every day; instead, we will choose a piece of quality from a higher price range only once. In short, there will be a dichotomy in the market with the middle segment disappearing.

#4: Environmentally conscious

We are becoming not only budget-conscious, but also more environmentally conscious in 2023. Increasingly, we are opting for sustainable and healthy alternatives. Even though we are increasingly choosing local providers. Transparency in the chain is important and where possible so is shortening the chain. We will embrace more big branded products and ingredients in the assortment. Where a start has already been made with meat substitutes, more and more ingredients will be offered in a vegan variant, without compromising on taste.