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Individually Wrapped Biscuits Printed with your Logo

Why not welcome your guests with a biscuit? What's more fun than serving biscuits with your own company logo with a cup of tea or coffee? Van Oordt the portion company has an extensive range of biscuit mixes from the exclusive, renowned Belgian biscuit brand Elite.

Personalised packaging

You can personalise your biscuits with your own (company) logo. Another idea is to have your corporate identity reflected on the packaging and make the packaging of your biscuits more personal. By offering biscuits with a logo, you make a welcoming gesture and leave a positive feeling with your customer.

Uw logo op verpakte koekjes bedrukken | Van Oordt

Advantages of packaged biscuits with your company logo

The advantages of packaged biscuits with company logo at a glance:

  • A warm welcome for your customers and guests;
  • Hygienically packaged and ready to consume;
  • A perfect promotional tool for your company.
Verpakte koekjes met uw bedrijfslogo | Van Oordt

Would you like a biscuit?

Treat your customer or guest with a biscuit and make it personal with your own logo. Biscuits with your company logo can be served with a creamer stick or with a sugar sachet. The packaging of these products can also be provided with your own logo. Complete your coffee or tea presentation with sugar sachets, creamer sticks, wrapped chocolates or honey sticks and spoons.

Verpakkingen met eigen bedrukking | Van Oordt

Packaged chocolates with customised printing

As a substitute for biscuits, you can also opt for serving chocolate with coffee or tea. Or why not let your guests choose? Just like biscuits, packaged chocolates can be provided with your (company) logo.

Customised quote

Would you like a customised quote or would you like to discuss the options? Please contact the sales department at Van Oordt The Portion Company. Your specialist in portion packaging!


Koffiekoekjes Elite met eigen verpakking