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Canderel Stevia

Stevia is a table sweetener made from extracts of the Stevia plant. This natural sweetener can be used as an alternative to sugar but without the calories of sugar.

Canderel Stevia: low-calorie alternative

Canderel Stevia is a low-calorie alternative to sugar, made from extracts of the Stevia plant. This is a herbaceous plant native to South America. Centuries ago, the Guarini Indians of Paraguay used the leaves of the Stevia plant, which are exceptionally sweet by nature, to sweeten their dishes.

More about Steviaplant

RebA, or Rebaudioside A, is the sweetest vegetable extract of the Stevia leaf. It has 200 times the sweetening power of sugar. Stevia extract (steviol glycoside) is naturally sweet, contains no calories, is free of allergens and suitable for diabetics as part of a balanced diet. More than 80 independent scientific studies endorse this and confirm the food safety of the Stevia extract.

Did you know...

  • ...Canderel Stevia is sweetened by extracts from the Stevia plant?
  • ...Canderel Stevia can be used as an alternative to sugar?
  • ...the leaves of the Stevia plant are naturally sweet?
  • ...Rebaudioside A, or Reb A is the sweetest and purest extract of the Stevia plant?
  • ...the Stevia extract has more than 200 times the sweetening power of sugar and no caloric value?

Canderel sugar

Canderel Stevia is versatile in use. It can be used to sweeten hot drinks such as coffee and tea. It can also be used to sweeten fresh fruit or dairy products such as yoghurt. Canderel Stevia is supplied for the food service industry in powder form in a stick. One stick equals the sweetening power of one teaspoon of sugar.

Market leader within the food service industry

Canderel is market leader within the sweetener product group in the Dutch food service market. In addition to Canderel Stevia (Canderel Green, in the green packaging), Canderel also offers the well-known Canderel in red packaging, based on aspartame. Canderel helps to limit calorie intake without having to compromise on taste.