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Les Gourmands

Savoury spreads for bread, crackers or toast

Savory spreads from Les Gourmands

To each his own taste. It is a challenge to put together a sophisticated range of flavours that meets the diversity of preferences and lifestyles of your guests. Les Gourmands therefore offers plenty of variety. With the well-known meat and fish pâtés and a delicious vegetarian spread. In addition, all spreads are gluten-free. Les Gourmands spreads are the perfect addition to your range of long-life sweet spreads and fresh savory spreads.

The taste of pure quality

The recipes are all based on pure, traditional flavours. Quality is key. The fresh sandwich spread, for example, is prepared with delicious market-fresh vegetables. The products are made with as few E numbers as possible.

The products have a long shelf life outside the refrigerator and are hygienically packaged individually. The cups contain no less than 25 grams of delicious spread for your guests to enjoy. The cups are supplied per 45 in a handy box. Choose your flavours and treat your guests.