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Packaging Company

Do you do your packaging in-house? As a packaging company, you can hire Van Oordt to manage your temporary capacity problems. Our service always offers a solution.

Packaging company for portion packs

Van Oordt is a packaging company for portion packs. Portion packaging is only a small part of the business for many companies. The purchase and development of machines is an expensive affair. Van Oordt has been a packaging company for portion packs in various markets for many years.

Contractverpakking | Van Oordt

Full-service packaging company

Van Oordt is a full-service packaging company. We will work with you on:

  • Product development
  • The packaging;
  • Production testing;
  • Improvement proposals;
  • Design;
  • Printing.
Ontwerp uw portieverpakking | Van Oordt

Various types of packaging

You can contact us for portion packaging in various shapes and sizes: sticks, sachets, pads (round sachets), cups and much more. Portion packs are usually available in boxes or dispensers, depending on your requirements. We can also pack sticks in a retail box (30-50 pieces).

Productie | Van Oordt

Portion packaging: a specialism

As a packaging company, quality is of paramount importance to Van Oordt the portion company. Van Oordt the portion company is IFS certified at the highest level.

Do you have any special requirements or would you like advice on the development of a specific portion pack? Please do not hesitate to contact our contract packaging department. We are happy to map out the possibilities for you.

Van Oordt is a member of the ECPA, the European CO-packers Association

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