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Small Packaging

Van Oordt is The Portion Company is a full-service supplier of small packaging

Van Oordt small packaging

Every day, Van Oordt The Portion Company produces many thousands of small packs. These are useful for companies in the catering industry, in (health)care institutions and other companies that receive many customers or visitors.

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Small package, big benefits

At Van Oordt, we truly believe that small packaging has a major advantage. Several even. This has everything to do with our sincere belief in the added value of small packaging:

  • Hygiene: the sealed small packages are made for single and individual servings;
  • Efficiency: you save time and waste less product due to spillage or spoilage;
  • Convenience due to the perfect serving size, the readiness for use and the many possibilities for variation without loss;
  • Communication: communicate your message by providing small packs with your own customised design, logo or printing.
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Small is our great passion

Yes, you could say we have a passion for portions. It drives us to be on a constant lookout for new products, packaging and applications. Our ambition? To make happy moments even better with well-designed, ready-to-use small packaging. To ensure our customers' customers enjoy their food and drinks even more, wherever and whenever. Do you share that ambition with us? Then we are your ideal partner for portion packs and small packs.

For large and small customers

Thanks to our wide range of small packaging, Van Oordt the portion company is familiar with every one of the channels of food service: from company catering and (health)care institutions to catering and sports canteens. We distribute through wholesalers. We also manufacture small packaging for industry (contract packaging) and retail.

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Are you interested? Contact us now

Are you interested in purchasing small packs from us? Please contact our sales department on 0186 – 630 799. Or you can request more information through our contact form. We will be happy to help you.

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